Keri Hilson Apologizes To Teairra Mari For Restarting Their Feud

Keri Hilson Apologizes To Teairra Mari For Restarting Their Feud

Krista B.
12/01/2023 05:49 PM EST

Keri Hilson is taking the high road after she seemingly reignited her feud with fellow singer Teairra Mari.

After a clip of Keri appearing on Tank and J. Valentine’s podcast “R&B Money,” discussing an incident that took place at one of her shows. For a segment called, “I Ain’t Saying No Names," Hi Hilson recalled the “No Daddy” singer attending one of her shows with her arms folded for the entire performance.

“She didn’t want to be there, and it was very obvious,” Hilson said, also revealing that she felt very disrespected. The “Turning Me On,” singer added, “So, when they came to my dressing room backstage, I said something and we almost got to scrapping…it could’ve got real ugly.”

Teairra Mari would respond to the video and say, “Y’all, people gotta leave me alone. I don’t bother anybody, just me alone. I don’t bother anybody, just leave me the f*** alone!”

She continued, “So now, Keri! What’s up you wanna fight or do you not want to fight because I’m gonna whoop your a** when I see you. I’m sick of you people bothering me! You had a whole different story when I was in your face you’re a liar b****!”

Keri Hilson addressed Teairra’s comment and said, “Well fellas, I guess the ‘I ain’t sayin’ no names’ segment didn’t work too well this time.. Unfortunately this did happen around 12-13 years ago. I never knew until I saw the previous post, you also told this story publicly.”

She added, “I’m responding to this because I don’t wanna allow anything to bring us back to a place we’ve long passed. And since it was a public story that got connected to you in public, it deserves a public apology. I’m sorry for telling the story, especially with the energy and hurtful words that I used.”

Keri also acknowledged that her comments were “unnecessary because my feelings and energy at this point, in this present moment are nothing but love… no ill will or vitriol towards you. It’s an old story that I see now we’ve both told. I hope you’re doing well in this season & wishing you all the best in life.”

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