Kevin Hart Asks For A Restraining Order Against Tasha K

Kevin Hart Asks For A Restraining Order Against Tasha K

01/23/2024 11:37 AM EST by Krista B.

Kevin Hart has requested a restraining order against blogger Tasha K. 

The comedian asked the judge for a temporary restraining order, and if it is granted, Tasha would have to remove her interview with former assistant Miesha Shakes. In the interview, Shakes allegedly made defamatory claims against Hart.

In December, Hart initially filed a lawsuit against the blogger after the interview was released. The lawsuit states that Tasha attempted to blackmail him and stated that they wouldn’t post the interview if he paid them $250,000. The payment was never made and Hart decided to take legal action instead. 

The lawsuit also states, “Tasha has an established history of posting defamatory and otherwise improper content regarding celebrities.” In his recent plea, Hart wrote, “Working in the entertainment industry, my livelihood depends in large part on my reputation and the public’s perception of me. That perception is of particular concern in the light of the fact that I am involved in a number of family-oriented projects, such as the Jumanji franchise, Fatherhood, Captain Underpants, the Secret Life of Pets, and others.” 

He added, “I also endorse various national brands, and those endorsement deals depend in part on a public perception of my reputation, respectability, and character.”

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