Kevin Hart Explains Why He Won't React To Katt Williams' Attack On Him

Kevin Hart Explains Why He Won't React To Katt Williams' Attack On Him

01/19/2024 12:05 PM EST by Krista B.

Kevin Hart is taking the high road after Katt Williams attacked him during his appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast “Club Shay Shay.”

Hart said in an interview that his level of success comes with the territory of being attacked or talked about. “It’s not worth my time for a response or an engagement,” he said. “It’s extremely beneath me in the position that I’m currently in…I think those that can’t talk about those that can.”

While on ‘Club Shay Shay,” Williams began to call out numerous comedians such as Cedric The Entertainer, Steve Harvey, Faizon Love, Kevin Hart, and so many more. When he was speaking about Hart, the comedian said, “In 15 years in Hollywood, no one in Hollywood has a memory of a sold-out Kevin Hart show, there being a line for him, ever getting a standing ovation at any comedy club. He already had his deals when he got here. Have we heard of a comedian that came to L.A., and in his first year in L.A., he had his own sitcom on network television and had his own film called Soul Plane that he was leading? No. We’ve never heard of that before that person or since that person. What do you think a plant is? Maybe people don’t understand the definitions of these words. He just did his documentary with Chris Rock, where he shows you that his whole upbringing in comedy was on the East Coast. So how, simultaneously, was he here in Los Angeles doing the same thing? It didn’t happen.”

Williams continued, “For a five-year period, every single movie that Kevin Hart did was a movie that had been on my desk. All I had said was ‘Can we take some of this Stepin Fetchit shit out and then I can do it? It don’t need to be overtly homosexual ’cause I’m not homosexual. It doesn’t need that to be funny, right?’ And me saying that and them going, ‘Oh yeah, no problem,’ and then going to give it to this other guy and having him doing it just like it was and acting like I’m a bad person ’cause I keep standing on my standard.”

He added, “They tell you there’s no gatekeepers, but we keep seeing the same person open the gate. Didn’t Kevin let Tiffany [Haddish] in? … What do you mean ain’t no gatekeepers? There’s a hundred gates out here. Everyone I seen got a keeper.” 

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