Kevin Hart Gets Candid About His Wife Forgiving Him After Cheating

10/07/2018 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Photo credit: Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

Kevin Hart was in a bit of hot water when he was caught publicly cheating on his wife Eniko.

Last year, comedian Kevin Hart, was caught in the middle of a cheating scandal that none of us expected. The scandal led to his former “friend” attempting to extort him- alleging to have a video of Kev having this affair.

Hart took to Instagram to issue a public apology to his family and to his wife for embarrassing them.

Since the scandal, Kev and Eniko gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Kev is also still soaring in his career as he just a released a movie “Night School” starring Tiffany Haddish, which went #1.

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Kevin Hart addresses his wife about forgiving him:

“Our marriage has been put to the test. It’s the most difficult test ever. And, you know, sometimes those tests come from stupidity. But it’s how you handle it, and how you decide to move forward from it. I applaud my wife for just displaying a high level of strength that I can’t even explain. I applaud her for being my backbone, my support system, and more importantly, taking my life to the next level.”