Kid Capri Reveals He Is Officially Cancer Free

Kid Capri Reveals He Is Officially Cancer Free

Krista B.
01/02/2024 01:08 PM EST

Legendary DJ Kid Capri has revealed that he is cancer-free after battling the disease privately. 

Capri, 56, went on Instagram that he beat the disease after having two different surgeries. “God is great! 3 days ago, I found out that I’m cancer-free!” he wrote. “Been dealing with it all year while I was doing for hip-hop 50. I had 2 surgeries and never said anything publicly about what I was going through, I’m not an attention whore, so I didn’t want to say anything so that it didn’t look like I wanted pity.”

He continued, “But now that it’s over, I figure I let my fans and friends know, I’m very happy, this year I did a lot, but come 2024, I’m getting even crazier than I did in 2023!! Thank you, God!”

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In a previous interview, Capri talked about doing different projects for hip-hop’s 50th birthday while battling cancer. “I genuinely love what I do, I know that me being a DJ in this business was always an uphill battle,” he said. “They always look at DJs as the bottom of the totem pole, except when hip-hop first started. DJs were the front guy; records came in, and the rapper had to be the front guy.”

He continued, “They pushed the DJs to the back. So that’s when I became my own one-man band and didn’t need anybody in front of me. I could do every myself and I just needed the world to see it.”

We’re glad to know that Kid Capri is doing better.