KRS-One Honored With A Mural In NYC

KRS-One Honored With A Mural In NYC

Krista B.
02/01/2023 12:00 AM EST

Legendary rapper KRS-One has been immortalized in NYC forever.

He was recently honored with a mural located in the Lower East Side on 2nd street, close to 1st Ave. The rapper who was born Lawrence “Kris” Parker reacted to the honor.

“There is no award that is above this,” he said. Fox5NY reports that the mural was created to celebrate Hip-hop turning 50 this year. The location of the mural holds a special place for the rapper as well.

“I grew up here. KRS-One grew up in this neighborhood and was less than every single person here. I was homeless, might have slept right here,” he explained.

Jorit, an Italian street artist, who painted the mural spoke about the artist and mural. “KRS-One is aggressive but he always looked to unite the aggressiveness and force of rap with positive messages.”