LaKeith Stanfield Being Sued By Former Nanny Over Unpaid Wages

LaKeith Stanfield Being Sued By Former Nanny Over Unpaid Wages

02/02/2024 10:40 AM EST by Krista B.

LaKeith Stanfield has been hit with a lawsuit by his former nanny. 

According to reports, the nanny, Monica Sawyer, filed the lawsuit claiming that Stanfield and his wife failed to pay her the agreed $500 a day for watching their child from Oct. 31 to Nov. 7, 2023. She said that her job started as soon as she got to New York City to meet the couple at the Greenwich Hotel.

Sawyer’s lawsuit also claims that the couple wanted her to do more than just watch their child. The couple’s additional tasks caused her to lose out on time to eat, sleep, or even shower. Sawyer claimed that she asked Trice, (Stanfield’s wife) for a one-break for personal time and said that she was met with attitude.

“While Trice did provide the one-hour break, Plaintiff was met with aggression and attitude when she brought it up,” the suit says. “However, while on her break Trice continuously messaged Plaintiff requesting access to her room, giving detailed instruction of how to prepare the infant’s bottles, and requesting that Plaintiff bring a prepared bottle to Defendant’s room.”

The lawsuit goes into more detail about the issues that Sawyer faced while working for the actor and his wife. Sawyer’s lawsuit is also seeking for the defendants to cover her lawyer’s fees and the costs of the lawsuit. 

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