Lamar Odom Suing Former Manager For Allegedly Forging Signature to Steal Home

June 16, 2023
Lamar Odom

Retired NBA basketball player Lamar Odom is suing his former manager for allegedly forging his signature to steal a home his aunt still lives in.

On Wednesday, Zachary G. Meyer, Odom’s lawyer, filed the lawsuit against ex-manager Tonita Bybee, who Odom claimed he fired in May 2022. According to the lawsuit, Odom alleged that Bybee concocted a scheme and improperly sold off a house he owns in Brooklyn, to a third party by forging a deed.

It appears around January 2022, Odom and Baybee’s relationship was in a good place prior to her firing. Odom teamed up with her and together, founded the Savvy Talent Management Group. They aimed to target athletes, entertainers, and other creatives in proper career management. But now, irrespective of their past work relationship, they have some scores to settle in court.


The retired NBA star claims the house has been in his family “for nearly three decades.”

He also claims his aunt Carol Janean Mercer has been living there since the August 2022 passing of his uncle Michael Mercer.

Per the suit, Carol Janean is purportedly facing eviction as a result of Bybee’s alleged “fraudulent transfer.”

Odom, 43, is accusing Bybee of “identity theft,” “conversion,” “embezzlement,” “misappropriation” and “various other iterations of fraud.”

He claims she “acted with malice, wanton dishonesty and a high degree of immoral turpitude.”