Macy Gray Sets The Record Straight On Son's Abuse Allegations

Macy Gray Sets The Record Straight On Son's Abuse Allegations

Krista B.
02/08/2024 03:08 PM EST

Singer Macy Gray is setting the record straight about the allegations that have been bought up about her son, Tracy Gray. 

We recently reported that Aanisah, Tracy’s sister, filed a restraining order against him for allegedly abusing their mother. Court documents state that Tracy had gotten into a physical altercation with their mother. However, Macy has spoken out about the incident and has denied that dispute took place. 

Gray went on her Instagram to clear the whole thing up. “I just wanna clear this whole thing up about this going around about my family–talking about my son abuses me… and all this stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth. My son has never, ever, ever, ever, ever–would never–put his hands on me. Wouldn’t even think about nothing like that.”

She continued, “That’s my dude! Like,… we would take a bullet for each other, and he’s just not that kind of man. Me? I’m a lot of things, but I ain’t no victim. … I ain’t gon’ be over here, you know, [with] somebody hitting on me. And I don’t mean that [offensively] to people who are in that situation. I don’t mean to sound insensitive… but that’s not my family’s situation. You know? We’re not dealing with that.”

The singer also said that a restraining order was never filed against her son, however a move-out order was sought after numerous verbal arguments between her and Tracy. “It’s so false. We didn’t file a restraining order, we filed a move-out order. You know, so… me and my son get into it sometimes, and you know… I get really heated and I say, ‘That’s it! You’re moving out.’ You know? Um… but he loves his family, he loves his house, you know… he loves where we are.”

She added, “He won’t move! So, you know, he’s twenty-seven years old. I’m just trying to, you know, get my son out in the world, doing his own thing… on his own. You know, I’m just trying to get him to grow up a little bit!”

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