Macy Gray Surprises Fans With Her Latest Single In Viral TikTok!

06/28/2022 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Fans Met Macy Gray In The Park!

Earlier in 2022, Macy Gray graced the stage of NBC’s American Song Contest with a brand new single! The track featured rapper Maino, who Gray has linked up with in the past, as well as Grammy-award winning The California Jet Club. Unfortunately, the trio was eliminated from the American Song Contest, but not without making waves!
@macygrayofficial Surprising more people with my new song every night! #fyp #macygray ♬ original sound - Macy Gray
Although the television program stopped airing in May, Macy Gray’s song “Every Night” with Maino and The California Jet Club has only just begun taking off. Yesterday, the video below went viral on TikTok as Macy Gray approached four unassuming women and introduced her single. Commenters on TikTok are roasting the women for not reacting appropriately to Macy, saying things like “I would be paralyzed in shock if that happened to me” and “I can’t believe how calm they are. I’d freak out.Other commenters went on to make jokes using famous Macy Gray lyrics! “When you walked away, you didn't stumble. When you said goodbye, you didn't choke. Way To Go Macy!!!” said one. Macy walked into the park inconspicuously wearing a gray hoodie with the hood up, she approached four women with a QR code to the song Every Night and introduced herself! The caption of this viral video read “Surprising more people with my new song every night!” Meaning that you could come across Macy Gray at any time! Every Night is the first and only song that Macy has dropped in 2022. Gray has not dropped a studio album since 2018, but has continued to release singles and remixes over the last few years. Macy Gray's longevity has been astonishing, and although she was not the winner of the American Song Contest, she is certainly the largest name to have been involved.