Marlo Hampton's Home Apart Of A String Of Home Invasions In Atlanta

WBLS Staff
07/21/2022 12:00 AM EDT
“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton was a victim of a home invasion along with 15 other celebrity homes in the Sandy Springs and metro Atlanta area. According to reports, Atlanta Police have arrested four men in connection to the invasions. Hampton recalls looking at the masked men attempting to break into her house through her security system. “When I heard the boom, when I heard my nephew scream… and I knew that scream was a scream of fear, my heart dropped,” she said. The attempted invasion happened on July 1st, where she lives with her two nephews William and Michael. Police had confirmed that this invasion was connected to other invasions within the neighborhood. Hampton is relieved that she nor her nephews were harmed at the time of the incident. “I just thank God and we’re covered in the blood of Jesus and I’m here to share this story with you. But my main concern is, I want all the ladies… I want everyone to be aware if you are posting, if you do have luxury items, be careful,” Marlo said. Police say that the four men were apprehended on July 16th after they attempted to break into another home in the suburban area. They are still looking for the ringleader of the group.