Marlon Wayans Says He Wants Hip Hop Beef To End, 'We Too Old To Be That Dumb

Marlon Wayans Says He Wants Hip Hop Beef To End, 'We Too Old To Be That Dumb

11/29/2023 03:46 PM EST by WBLS Staff

Marlon Wayans has been involved in the entertainment industry for decades. Experiencing the shift in culture throughout the years, he is now calling for peace among hip-hop artists.

In an interview for Sway's Universe, he discussed his thoughts on the current status of the hip-hop industry and more specifically the amount of beef between artists.

“All this beefing and all this nonsense, yo, it could escalate,” said Wayans “We too old to be that dumb, and then, kids, stop with this stupidity. Life is so precious. I’m so grateful to be able to be 51, right. To be able to have lived a long life, my parents would have wanted that,”

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He joined Sway while he is currently on a press run for his latetst comedy special Good Grief. Wayans' career spans several different eras of hip hop and back when he first started, the genre was mainly focused on positivity and story telling.

“I just think about all that nonsense, and it’s like, let’s kill that noise. They need to bring positivity back to hip hop. I miss that old school,” Marlon continued before rapping “Self-Destruction,” a 1989 song by the Stop the Violence Movement.

His new comedy special is about dealing with the feeling and coming out on the other side of grief. In a recent interview, he shared that he has experienced the death of 57 family members. Speaking about the heartache and intensity of losing so many loved ones, he said, “I’ve been through it. I’ve been at rock bottom, I’ve been in darkness, I’ve been in dark times. People don’t know what I’ve been feeling. They don’t know the pain that I’ve been going through and what’s happening in my life ’cause I always find my smiles.”

“When you get laughs, it makes you come out of your own funk,” he explained.