Marsha Ambrosius Teases New Album Is 'On The Way'

Marsha Ambrosius Teases New Album Is 'On The Way'

11/28/2023 07:41 PM EST by WBLS Staff

Fans may have been missing Marshia Ambrosius and now, they may be getting new music from the songstress. During her performance at the 2023 Soul Train Awards Soul Cypher, she threw in a little easter egg about the upcoming album, Casablanco.

“I’m in my duffle, NBA/ I am LeBron at 38/ Check out the credits, Dr. Dre/ That ‘Casablanco’ on the way/ You know I’m only rolling with the greatest… Got a brand new classic ’bout to hit," she said in the verse.

Ambrosius has had fans on the edge of their seats for this album since it was first announced in 2021. Casablanco was produced solely by Dr. Dre. The pair both posted about the album when they finished recording it. was first teased in December 2021. Dre and Ambrosius posted similar captions after they finished recording the LP.

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“I just finished recording an album with Marsha Ambrosius. ‘Casablanco’ I had a blast!! This is some of my best work!!” Dre wrote in the caption of the post. Ambrosius' pos had a similar caption as well.

Earlier this year, in February, the two hosted an exclusive listening event. Ambrosius explained to their guests how the album came to be. It was revealed that they began working together a month after his brain aneurysm.

“So his rehab, his rehabilitation and resurgence back into wanting to make music to make people feel good was what I needed. Ultimately, what he needed. And this album was kind of our trauma bond in some way,” Ambrosius explained.

Dre added in that he considers the new album to be a “jazz/Hip-Hop fusion.” Details surrounding Casablanco‘s release remain unknown.