Mary J. Blige Confirms That She Isn't Single Anymore

Mary J. Blige Confirms That She Isn't Single Anymore

01/23/2024 03:25 PM EST by Krista B.

Mary J. Blige confirmed that she is no longer single.

In a recent interview, she was asked about the status of her relationship and she stated that she was no longer single. “No, I’m not single,” she said. “I’m happily doing what I’m doing.” However, the “Real Love” singer did not reveal who she’s currently dating.

The news of her relationship comes years after she and her ex-husband finalized their divorce in 2018. During the same interview, Blige also confirmed that she is working on a new album, which she hopes can be released this summer. She also spoke about releasing her long-awaited bootline and her wanting to portray Nina Simone in a movie. 

“If it was a dream role, it would be something like Nina Simone,” she said. “Because I wanna learn how to play the classical piano and I just love her. I love her songs. I love her story. I did a lot of research on her.”

She also spoke on her music career and the legacy it is paving for women in the industry. “I gave a lot, I gave so much,” she said. “I gave my life, my life story. Yeah, I gave a lot. I was a giver. I opened the doors. What I’ve done since 1991 when I came in has—I mean, from generation to generation to generation, it still exists. Hip-Hop Soul is super important. I’ve given women a voice. Every woman wants to tell their story now because I told mine.”