Mary J Blige Was Iconic At Super Bowl LVI.

WBLS Staff
02/16/2022 12:00 AM EST

R&B Shined During the Hip-Hop Halftime Show!

During the Super Bowl LVI Halftime show hip-hop had the spotlight, until Mary J. Blige stole the show in the name of R&B. Next to five of the biggest names in rap, there was only one R&B artist performing at halftime and the NFL selected that absolute best person for the job in Mary J. Blige. When it was announced that Blige was performing, fans immediately began to speculate on what songs she’d choose to perform. Most people expected her to play Family Affair, because it is one of her most popular songs, plus it was produced by Dr. Dre who orchestrated much of the Halftime show. However fans were surprised when Family Affair ended and the far less popular No More Drama began. Affair is Mary J’s most streamed song on Spotify and her most watched music video on YouTube. No More Drama, on the other hand, is a quiet fan favorite without broad mass appeal. Combining these two songs for the little amount of time that Blige had was likely in an attempt to show off her wide range of skills. Family Affair is a certified mainstream hit, but it doesn’t allow Mary to show off her vocal range. Mary J Blige was the only singer and the only woman on stage with five men who rap. Blige’s performance functioned as a mid-point between rap performances, but more importantly it gave her a chance to show off a skill set that none of the other artists possess. Not only did Blige serve as a representative for R&B in a primarily rap performance, she represented New York in a mostly LA performance. Hip-hop and R&B go together like peanut butter and jelly, but Mary J. Blige is some of the most valuable peanut butter in music.