Mayor Eric Adams Promises $171 Million For Homeless Services

04/26/2022 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
Mayor Eric Adams has decided to do something better for the homeless population in New York City. After receiving heavy criticism for his recent crackdown on homeless encampments and his subway safety plan, which mostly targets Black and Latinx people, Mayor Adams has pledged to give an additional $171 million a year in funding for outreach programs and other resources, as reported by The Root. This funding is slated to help create 900 additional Safe Haven and stabilization beds. Drop-in centers, where the homeless can take showers, receive meals, meet with caseworkers, and get healthcare will be a part of the funding. The city’s Department of Homeless Services will get $12 Million for outreach to those living in the subways as well as on the streets. “Too many of our fellow New Yorkers are experiencing unsheltered homelessness but we cannot and will not abandon them,” Mayor Adams said in a statement. “We are making the largest investment in street outreach and low-barrier beds that a city administration ever has, in an effort to almost double the number of Safe Haven and stabilization beds available to New Yorkers. These resources will encourage people to come inside and will pave a way toward permanent housing and the stability that every New Yorker deserves.” There is also a new plan underway that will have hundreds of volunteers on the streets doing outreach for the homeless. What are your thoughts about this new plan for the homeless?