Memphis Man Arrested for Stealing Car from One Date to Go on Another

07/20/2018 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: WREG-TV

This is when learning how to be a player goes totally wrong!

A Memphis, T.N. woman named Faith Pugh received a text message from a former high school classmate asking her to go on a date. Though they hadn’t spoken much since school, Pugh agreed to meet 21-year-old Kelton Griffin for dinner.

The date started off just as bad as it ended when Griffin arrived for the date via drop off.

“I don’t know who dropped him off. He just got dropped off,” Pugh told Memphis’ WREG-TV.

A carless Griffin jumped into Pugh’s black Volvo, and the two drove off – but according to Pugh, her high school “friend” didn’t know where he wanted to go. So, they stopped at a local gas station, and Kelton asked Faith to go inside and grab him a cigar. Things just got worse from there.

When Faith came out of the gas station, Griffin and her black Volvo were gone.

According to WREG, Pugh’s mother picked her up from the gas station while her God-sister simultaneously text her to say Kelton Griffin asked her out on a date.

Pugh’s response: “Okay, well send me the address to where you at, and I’m on my way.”

Faith and her mother eventually tracked her car — and Griffin — to a drive-in movie.

Griffin was arrested at the end of the night only for Pugh and others to find out this wasn’t his first run in with the law.

He was arrested in 2016 for robbing a restaurant after dining in with two other men.