Mia Thornton Explains Her Decision To Divorce Her Husband

Mia Thornton Explains Her Decision To Divorce Her Husband

12/05/2023 02:15 PM EST by Krista B.

Mia Thornton is opening up about her decision to divorce her husband, Gordon, after 11 years of marriage.

In the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Thornton talked about how Gordon’s career and their financial issues have played a part in her decision to end her marriage. While in a therapy session, she explained, “We have recently gone through a financial change with our business, and having to downsize and having to navigate a lot.”

She continued, “The relationship between Gordon and I has definitely changed. Ever since Gordon was voted out of the family business, he’s been working a lot more because we were expanding our portfolio with other partnership groups, so it is causing a lot of tension inside of our marriage. And, to me, spending time with the kids and having balance is so much better than us always working and then we look up and our kids are grown.”

Mia would then reveal that she had searched for a divorce attorney without her husband knowing. “I had no idea it had gotten that bad with her; that’s why I’m focusing on really trying to listen,” Gordon said in the same therapy session.

Gordon went on to say, “I set goals, and then I don’t let anything get in the way. I go get it. I wanted to get to a certain economic level so that Mia and the kids would be set no matter what happened to me.”

He added, “I was almost there, so I was really pushing hard to get those last few nuggets.” We reported that Mia and Gordon had separated in September. They share two children, Jeremiah Carter, and Juliana.