Monica Says She's Against A Remake Of 'The Boy Is Mine'

Monica Says She's Against A Remake Of 'The Boy Is Mine'

12/22/2023 05:41 PM EST by WBLS Staff

Monica is opening up again about her beloved track with Brandy, The Boy is Mine. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, she reflected on her sophomore album of the same name now that it's in its 25th anniversary. She also dscussed why should would prefer to leave the duet with the Full Moon to be left alone.

“I truthfully believe that it’s for Brandy and I,” she expressed. “I appreciate that she and Rodney [Jerkins] asked me to be a part of the song and be a part of the record, but for me, it’s a part of history that I would love to remain untouched.”

Although she's against a remake, she is not against it being redone in a way that makes it different than the original. 

“Now, I have heard the music used that is cool when people recreate it for themselves but not attempt to do what she and I did,” she shared. “If someone does something with it, I prefer that they make it their own and do something totally different, but I feel like what she and I did is sacred.”

Monica also touched on the assumption fromt he public that her and Brandy are at odds with each other solely based on their relationship as teenagers.

“We are more than good,” she explained. “I [turned] 43 in October. I have nothing but love and admiration in my heart for her, and I’m good with everyone. I don’t have any issues with anyone."

“As far as she and I go, a lot of what people hear is about two teenage girls. Now we’re two grown women, that’s a completely different thing," Monica continued. "So it’s something that I kind of wish would go away, to be very honest. I wish people would stop putting the two against each other. I wish people would stop attempting to compare who sing better, who looks better, who outdid the other one, because I never came into the space with a spirit of competition anyway.”