Mo’Nique Asks Black Women to Stop Wearing Bonnets in Public

06/02/2021 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
Mo’Nique took to Instagram to chime on the conversation regarding Black women wearing bonnets and pajamas outside of their homes. She revealed how shocked she was "after seeing so many ‘young sistas’ dressed casually while walking through an airport in Mississippi.”She says:‘Wearing head bonnets, scarfs, slippers pajamas, and blankets wrapped around them.'She added: ‘I’ve been seeing it not just at the airport. I’ve been seeing it at the store, at the mall… When did we lose our pride in representing ourselves? When did we slip away of let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home?The actress/comedian wanted viewers to know that her statements were not coming from a place of ‘judgment’ however it comes from a place of love.‘I’m not saying you don’t have pride but the representation that you’re showing someone will have to ask you to know if you have it. It’s not to get a man … it is just your representation of you, my sweet babies.’Watch the clip below: