Mo’Nique Asks That CBS Pays Her And Countess Vaughn Fairly

September 20, 2023 - Krista B.
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Actress Mo’Nique is calling for CBS Network to pay her and Countess Vaughn the money that they are owed.

In a social media video, Mo’Nique and her husband Sydney Hicks, addressed the issues about the money she nor Countess received after their show, “The Parkers” ended. 

“And we’re coming to y’all today to let you know we’re standing with all the unions that are striking now,” Mo’Nique said. “And we have a story that we must share of our own with the community. Countess Vaughn and I did a show called The Parkers[which] has now been on air for 24 years. And they’re trying to convince us, through our ownership of the show, that we made absolutely no money.”

Sydney added, “And it’s baffling being that you have a conversation with the executive producers, and they allude to the fact that the show in its entirety, five years, was made for under $70 million.”

He continued, “It went out of production in 2004 but by 2009, we see profit participation statements that show the program made over $700 million, but yet, was close to a billion, if not a billion dollar deficit.”

The actress then asked for the network to “treat these two Black women fairly.” Countess Vaughn went on Instagram and seemingly agreed with Mo’Nique. See both videos below.