Multiple People Dead Or Injured In Louisville Mass Shooting

April 10, 2023 - Krista B.
Louisville Kentucky Mass Shooting news
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A mass shooting has taken place at Louisville Bank in downtown Kentucky.

The horrific incident left five people dead including the shooter and eight more injured. The Louisville Metro Police Department revealed that they responded to “an active aggressor” at 8:30 am at the Old National Bank. 

Reports state that a fellow police officer was shot and that gunfire was exchanged between the police and the shooter. “We believe this is a lone gunman involved in this that did have a connection to the bank,” Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said. 

He added, “We’re trying to establish what that connection was to the business, but it appears he was a previous employee.” Humphrey went on to say, “This is a tragic event, but it was the heroic response of officers that made sure that no more people were more seriously injured than what happened.”

A resident recalls receiving a phone call from his wife, who works at the bank, stating that there was an active shooter at the bank. 

Another witness said that he was walking his dog when he heard the shots. “ I saw people running and then some others got out of their car and began to run as well.” He continued, “Then I heard police yelling and telling people there was a shooter at the bank and to back away.”

Andy Beshear, the governor of Kentucky shared his sentiments in a series of tweets. See them below. 

We will continue to keep the victims of the families in our thoughts and prayers.