Muni Long Shares New Album, ‘Public Displays of Affection: The Album’

September 29, 2022
Celebrity Mariah Carey

After two decades of being in the music industry, operating behind the scenes,  Muni Long is relishing in the spotlight.

On September 23rd, the R&B songbird dropped her third studio album, Public Displays of Affection: The Album. The album is a mixture of new songs and older tracks from her 2021 EP, including hit song “Hrs & Hrs”. With 18 tracks, Muni Long discusses the intricacies of relationships such as falling out of love & communication issues.

Muni Long spent majority of her career penning songs for artists like, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, and Fantasia just to list a few. However, thanks to the virality of “Hrs & Hrs”, R&B lovers have been able to tap into her talents as a solo artist.


Take a listen to the new album below: