Naomi Osaka Partners With TAG Heuer To Unveil The Company’s New Limited Watches

January 14, 2022

Tennis star Naomi Osaka has partnered with TAG Heuer to help with the release of the company’s brand new, limited edition watch, the Aquaracer. 

This watch was specially made with the intention to have it be the color green. “Designing a watch is different to designing clothes because you have a much smaller canvas to work with,” Osaka said in a recent interview.

She continued, “Therefore, you need to be more intricate, precise, and thoughtful. Green is just a color that I like to wear and it flashes and clashes, and it’s a nod to my day job.” 

The packaging of the watch includes a black and green box that has Naomi Osaka’s official logo as well Heuer’s logo. The Aquaracer will have a limited supply of 250 pieces and will be available online and in-store.

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