Naomi Osaka Reveals The Struggles She Faced During Her Pregnancy

Naomi Osaka Reveals The Struggles She Faced During Her Pregnancy

Krista B.
01/12/2024 11:51 AM EST

Naomi Osaka is opening up about her pregnancy journey.

The tennis champion reveals that after she gave birth to her daughter, she discovered that her body went through some severe changes.

In a recent interview, she stated that her pelvic floor was completely destroyed. “Having a baby completely destroys your pelvic floor,” Osaka explained. “I was shocked, because I couldn’t get up out of my bed. I had to roll sideways, and it was a really long process because, for me, my immediate way of thinking is: To rebuild this I have to do a lot of sit-ups. And I learned that that’s totally not what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to do deep pelvic-floor work.”

She continued,“I did have a really great team around me that gave me a lot of information. I feel like that’s something that not a lot of people have access to.”

Osaka went on to speak about her future and how it makes her anxious because she’s still on her pregnancy journey. 

“I was extremely nervous,” Osaka said. “I felt like I was stepping into the unknown, and I also felt like the last few years of my career were kind of sporadic too. So I didn’t even know if my sponsors wanted to take up the energy to go through this with me. But I’m really happy that I chose people around me that understand me and we’re going through this adventure together. I guess the biggest elephant in the room is Nike, but they’ve been so extremely helpful.”

Osaka explained that since having her baby, she doesn’t pay attention to other people’s opinions. “Moms are expected to do everything and to know everything. But I’ve learned that I can put my foot down a lot more now, and I’ve also learned why a lot of moms are very loud and they have strong characters."

Naomi Osaka welcomed her daughter with rapper Cordae last July.