Nelly Fans Show Concern After His Latest Performance

January 19, 2023 - Krista B.
Celebrity Rapper
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Fans are showing some serious concern for Nelly after his latest performance. 

During his performance at Juicy Fest in Australia, the rapper was seen looking unusual and displaying odd behavior which concert attendees and fans on social media quickly noticed.

Nelly was seen oddly rolling his eyes and smiling uncontrollably that made fans speculate that the rapper was high. Many people took to social media to react to his performance. 

One Twitter user said “Nelly was HIGH AS EGGS at that festival in Australia lmao every video I see of him performing gets funnier and funnier.” The tweet went on to say, “Like look at this n***a lmao he is WASHED, DREDGED, BATTERED AND DEEP FRIED, lmaoo.” 

While other Twitter users claimed that watching the now-viral video of Nelly was hard to watch. See what some of them had to say below. 

Nelly has since responded to the video by reacting to the reenactment of his performance by comedian Spice Adams just by simply putting laughing emojis on the post.

What are your thoughts on this performance?