Nelson Mandela's Family Set To Release The 'Mandelaverse' Metaverse Project

WBLS Staff
03/23/2022 12:00 AM EDT
Nelson Mandela will be entering the metaverse!According to reports, The Nelson Mandela Family’s Long Walk to Freedom brand announced that the project, “A Long Walk to Meta: Mandelaverse” will be a part of the metaverse and that it will feature NFT art collections.The project will also have a holographic gala that is set to take place in Los Angeles in the summer. This release will be a part of the partnership between the digital product studio Tinywins and the Phoenix James Art Haus called Range Media. Mandela’s daughter, Princess Zenani Mandela Dlamini said in a statement, “My father was a great champion of education and believed it was the most powerful weapon we could use to change the world. Web 3.0 holds the promise of a decentralized community-driven paradigm shift that will allow a new generation to democratize and restore the power of creators.” She continued, “It is here that we will amplify African voices, connect a global community through storytelling, and uphold the legacy, principles, and values of a revolutionary man.” The first of the four NFTs is set to launch in May and the proceeds will go to the Mandela Education Program.