New Jersey Woman Arrested After Posing As High School Student

New Jersey Woman Arrested After Posing As High School Student

Krista B.
01/27/2023 12:00 AM EST

This is insane! A 29-year-old woman was arrested for posing as a high school student and attending the school for several days.

According to reports, the suspect Hyejeong Shin, was charged with one count of providing a false government document with the intent to verify one’s identity or age. Police say that Shin gave in a fake birth certificate.

Aubrey Johnson, superintendent of the New Brunswick Public Schools District said in a statement, “Last week, by filing some false documents an adult female posing as a student was able to be enrolled in our high school.”

Shin attended the school for four days and spent her time with the school’s guidance counselors as they were trying to figure out more about who she is.

Johnson went on to speak about the staff that discovered the imposter’s secret. “Once our staff determined it was dealing with fraudulent information, they immediately notified the appropriate authorities. The individual in question has now been charged.”

The students were informed to stay away from the woman and the school district with come up with better methods during the school’s enrollment process.