New York Cosmetology Students Are Required To Learn How To Style Natural Hair

New York Cosmetology Students Are Required To Learn How To Style Natural Hair

12/07/2023 03:01 PM EST by Krista B.

New York State has made a new law that requires all New York State cosmetology students to learn how to style natural hair.

According to reports, the bill was introduced by New York State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey back in April and was signed into law on Nov.17. However, the bill will officially go into effect in six months.

The bill states that “cosmetology graduates should be able to style and provide hair care services to individuals with all hair types and textures, including, but not limited to, various curl or wave patterns, hair strand thicknesses, and volumes of hair.”

Due to the new law requirements, schools must also update their curricula. Cosmetology schools will have the support of the Professional Beauty Association’s Texture Education Collective to help adjust to these new changes.

They will be provided with materials and resources to help prepare for the state board exam, which will also be updated. The hair models and traditional mannequins will also be more diverse for the students’ hands-on training.

Schools that don’t comply with the new NYS law could face civil penalties. Michaelle Solages, New York State Assemblywoman released a statement about including textured hair in the new curricula.

“It became clear that more concrete steps were necessary to address the specific challenges faced by individuals with textured hair,” she said. “The introduction of Bill S6528A was a response to the ongoing need for diversity and inclusion in the cosmetology industry, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their hair type, receives the attention and expertise they deserve in salons.”

What are your thoughts on this new law?