Nicci Gilbert Has Plans To Revive The Reality Show 'R&B Divas'

01/26/2022 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff
R&B singer Nicole “Nicci” Gilbert has plans to bring back the reality television series R&B Divas. In a recent interview, Gilbert talked about her plans, where she stands with former co-star Syleena Johnson, and starting her own streaming service.“Our target audience is women and girls. We believe like the first season of ‘R&B Divas’ - we believe you can tell a woman’s real organic authentic stories and it can still be compelling and exciting to watch,” Gilbert said. She went on to hint that she is currently working on the reboot of R&B Divas confirming that she knows how to creatively connect with women and by making them feel like they are equal to one another. “I know the power of connecting with creative women and making them feel like they have equity and equality that’s all we had to do with ‘R&B Divas.’ We would still be here and there’s a possibility that an iteration of that [show] is coming back but it’ll be coming to my [streaming] platform.” The Brownstone lead singer has hopes that the show would reach a new audience and wants certain women to be a part of the cast. “I’ve reached out to all the ladies and some of them have been really excited. Others have been working on other projects and they’re like ‘let me think about it.’ But I’m not gonna quit trying.” Nicci Gilbert also cleared the air about her and Syleena Johnson, despite what happened between them on the show. “To be clear like, for people who are like, ‘I hate her call Syleena on her’ or whatever- me and Syleena are good! We have hugged it out - we have talked it out. Hopefully, we’ll have more opportunities to share and work together.”