Oh No! Sherri Shepherd Breaks Down After Finding Out Her Son Won’t Return Back to School Until May

03/25/2020 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools are first to shut down until further notice to help flatten the curve. And most parents are already fed up with their children and this includes Sherri Shepherd.She broke down after learning that her son won’t be returning to school until May. In the clip she says: "I'm sorry, I just... I just found out that the Los Angeles Unified School District is pushing shool back to... May 1st.... Jeffrey is going to be here for the rest of March... and he's going to be doing online schooling for all of April... We're gonna be together 24/7 until the 1st of May."She adds:"I'll be fine. I gotta cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for you for the next two months."
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Parents, do you feel the same way?