Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Attacks Correction Officer in Jail

WBLS Staff
11/15/2018 12:00 AM EST

Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Sun Sentinel

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz is sitting in a Florida jail awaiting trial for February’s mass shooting, and now he’s facing additional charges for assault, battery, and use of an electric weapon after attacking a prison guard.

CNN reports the incident took place when Sgt. Raymond Beltran asked 20-year-old Cruz not to “drag his sandals on the ground while walking around the dayroom area.”

Cruz didn’t like Sgt. Beltran’s request, and responded by flipping up his middle finger and hitting Beltran in the face. The officer went to the ground, and Cruz continued to punch him in the head repeatedly. The man behind the Parkland shooting then took Beltran’s stun gun and watched it discharge.

As if that wasn’t enough, Cruz continued to hit the sergeant in the head until he was able to “regain control of the weapon” and strike the defendant in the face.

Cruz is described as a “deeply disturbed, emotionally broken” young man.