Peter Thomas Set To Fight DUI Charge 'I Will Be 1000% Vindicated'

Peter Thomas Set To Fight DUI Charge 'I Will Be 1000% Vindicated'

Krista B.
01/17/2024 12:19 PM EST

It looks like Peter Thomas will not be going down without a fight. 

After being arrested and charged with DUI in Atlanta, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star claims that the sobriety test that he took was flawed. “So, it’s going to go to court and without a doubt, I will be 1000 percent vindicated. I’ll get a ticket for running a red light and I’m OK with that.” 

He also told his side of the story about the night that he was arrested. “I definitely was swerving because I was looking at my phone to find out where I was in Smyrna – I don’t go to that side of the world, and he pulled me over. He had all the rights to pull me over, OK.”

Thomas also stated that his insurance is valid and that he was wrongfully dismissed by the arresting officer who didn’t accept his Florida driver’s license. We reported that on January 12, 2024, Peter Thomas was pulled over after cops noticed that he was swerving in and out of the lanes before running through a red light. 

The police said that his eyes were watery, glassy, and bloodshot and that he also smelled of alcohol. The police also noted that Thomas was driving without a license, expired tags and no proof of insurance. 

Peter Thomas is due in court in March.