Pinky Cole Expands “Slutty Vegan” Brand With Products Available In Target

August 25, 2023
Celebrity Slutty Vegan

Pinky Cole’s “Slutty Vegan” is expanding her burger brand to store shelves.

Residents of Atlanta can now pick up Slutty Vegan’s popular vegan bacon and “Slut Dust” seasoning at their local Target.

The popular products will be made available at a total of 20 stores.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Cole said that “Breakfast will never be the same.”

“They tried to make me a target, so we put em’ in TARGET,” she wrote.

The celebrity-approved burger joint (Tyler Perry, Snoop Dogg) opened in 2018 after she struggled to find good vegan food in Atlanta. Since then, the brand has expanded to multiple franchises across the U.S including Dallas, Birmingham, Harlem, and Brooklyn.

While helping her daughter move into Spelman College, Cole announced that a 13th Slutty Vegan location would be available on the campus.

“Hey, y’all. It’s me again, Pinky Cole Hayes. And you know, we just had our five-year anniversary,” Cole said in the Instagram post. “So right now, I’m on Spelman College’s campus, and it’s move-in day. And guess who else is moving in?