Prayers Up! BeBe Winans Tests Positive For COVID-19, Along With His Brother & Mother

April 9, 2020

Gospel star BeBe Winans has tested positive for coronavirus. The 57-year-old also revealed that his mother and brother have also contracted the virus. Winans says:

“Sometimes, for some reason, we as a people when we look in and we look at television and various things that’s going on around us, we somehow say, that can’t happen to me for some reason. I don’t know why, but sometimes we believe that, and even myself being cautious, when the outbreak started, I did just a little travel. I was actually in New York and I was like, well, I’m going to Detroit because I had a friend pass and we were having a funeral and just that little travel, I caught it.”

Winans did travel before he began to feel any symptoms. He shared a video on March 14th at the airport telling his followers that folks are being driven by fear.

It’s like a ghost town in the airport … Fear, people are being driven by fear and I’m sorry – fear don’t drive me. It never will. It never has. So, don’t fear. Especially if you know who God is.


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NO NO NO NO FEAR HERE!!!!! 2 Tim 1:7- For God hath not given us the spirit of fear…… / fear is a spirit and it will grip your mind body and soul if you let it!!!!! And I won’t let it. So let God be true and everyone else a liar #Godsword #myhope #rest #getitdone

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He shares that he now has common sense and using protective gear.

I’m a man of faith and just raised in and in my mind, I’m just concrete in the subject matter that God is greater than everything. Yet, and still, it’s so important for us to use common sense. So, being on the other side of it now, I’m just grateful that the word, I just finished my run and through the whole run, I was just saying, God, I thank you. I thank you because it could have been a different outcome for me and my family.”


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Faith and common sense make sure you do the same #getitdone

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Bebe Winans and his family at this time.