Prayers Up! Scarface Is On Dialysis After Testing Positive For COVID-19

WBLS Staff
04/27/2020 12:00 AM EDT
Scarface revealed last month that he tested positive with the coronavirus during an interview with Willie D and it looks like he is still having challenges with his health. While sharing his experience, he says:It’s the craziest sh*t I’ve ever done and seen in my life. I’ve been to the point where I felt I was gonna die, bro. I threw up so much until it was like hot, hot sauce. Like your gases and shit from your stomach. I didn’t have no food in my stomach, it was coming up like vile. I couldn’t breathe, Will.He adds:“Don’t play no games with it. I haven’t been nowhere. I’ve been in my house. I ain’t been on no planes, I ain’t been in no restaurants… People out there thinking this shit is a game? You don’t want to play with this.”During a follow-up interview with his fellow Geto Boy member, Scarface revealed that while he tested positive for COVID-19, he struggled with his health and had to change his diet.“I fought the COVID, double bilateral pneumonia and kidney failure, all in my house,” he said while hooked up to a blood stent to help regulate his kidneys. “This my new lifeline. I gotta change my entire diet. I gotta do dialysis four times a week, three hours a day. That’s taking all of my blood out, cleaning it, and putting it back in my body. Before the COVID, I never had kidney problems before.”[embed][/embed]Praying for a speedy recovery.