Queens Stabbing Suspect Apprehended After Attacking Five Victims

Queens Stabbing Suspect Apprehended After Attacking Five Victims

01/18/2024 11:51 AM EST by Krista B.

A Queens man has been taken into custody after going on a stabbing spree for the past two weeks. 

According to reports, 27-year-old, Jermaine Rigueur, was apprehended by police on Wednesday (January 17th,) after a manhunt took place throughout the borough. Rigueur, who worked as a hospital employee, allegedly stabbed five people at random. 

His victims were left bleeding and wounded after their attacks, the police reported. The attacks started on January 8, after he stabbed a 61-year-old man in the back as he was walking into a laundromat. After the attack, he turned around and smiled before walking away. 

Another victim, Shaneka Anderson, was stabbed as she walked home from her job at LaGuardia Airport. His last three victims were stabbed on Wednesday morning which led cops to put out a media alert in the search for a serial stabber. 

They released images of the suspect before catching him later that night. “We have an unidentified individual who is walking around the street randomly stabbing people with a hunting knife,” John Chell, NYPD Chief of Patrol said. 

Police Commissioner Edward Caban said that the suspect was “armed and dangerous.” Police are also investigating to see if these stabbings are related to the one that took place in Brooklyn, since the suspect worked at Woodhull Hospital.