R. Kelly’s Manager Wanted by Georgia Police Over Death Threats

August 2, 2018

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Now that R. Kelly’s released his new single, “I Admit,” parents of the daughters he’s allegedly kept hostage in a sex cult are speaking out more than ever. But it looks like his team has been working overtime in an attempt to keep them quiet, especially Timothy Savage.

Timothy Savage is the father of Jocelyn Savage, the young woman who made headlines last year after her parents claimed she was being held against her will. Mr. Savage has spoken out, and done everything in his legal power to free his daughter. Though Jocelyn says her father needs to sit back and relax, he’s continued to act and think otherwise. So, Kelly’s manager, James Mason, allegedly stepped in to handle business.

TMZ reports Mason allegedly made some very serious death threats towards Savage – so serious in fact that he’s now wanted by police in Henry County, Georgia.

Mr. Savage told police about the threats in May, claiming Mason called him and said, “I’m gonna do harm to you and your family. When I see you, I’m going to f—king kill you.”

Cops are now after Mason for making terroristic threats and acts. But according to the media site, his “lawyers will contact police.” But while he “intends to cooperate,” he swears he didn’t do anything.