Romeo And Master P Make Amends Following Disagreement

Romeo And Master P Make Amends Following Disagreement

WBLS Staff
01/04/2023 12:00 AM EST

Romeo Miller and his pops, Master P, have reconciled following their online beef last month.

To kick off the new year on a clean slate, Master P shared a photo of himself alongside Romeo with a caption explaining his self accountability, growth, and forgiveness.

"Happy New Years 2023 is all about 'Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.. Pressing toward the Goal' Philippians 3:13. As a parent, I’m growing, taking self-accountability and educating my family and the next generation. Love takes growth and forgiveness. Seek God first, and everything else will fall into place. @romeomiller and to all of my kids We All We Got!", he captioned.

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Romeo shared the same photo on his page explaining that he and his dad had to have a difficult conversation to start their healing process. "Today, December 31st, me and my father @masterp had very hard conversations; ironically outside in the rain, but in order for any generation to grow, that communication has to be had and reciprocated on both sides. The good, the bad, and the ugly," he added. "No matter the journey ahead, our family can truly begin to heal and I believe many others will use our story as an example to learn from", he shared.

He ended his caption with a tribute to his sister Tytyana Miller who passed away last year from an accidental overdose.

"What a way to close the year! Vivre (live) l'amour (love) et pardonner (forgive). #ForTyty 🤍🕊", he continued.

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The father and son beef started last month when Romeo called out Master P for his post on the recent suicide of 'DJ Stephen tWitch Boss', but allegedly neglected Tytyana’s mental health struggles.

Romeo continued to take shots at Master P in a poem titled: 'The Tree of Trauma' where he posed a series of questions. "Why do you want to be patted on the back so badly for doing good, when as God-fearing men and women, we are supposed to do that?", he asks. "How is the media one day, your best friend and then the next, liars?", he added.

Romeo Miller calls out father, Master P. Image provided by the Daily MailMaster P called out Romeo