Shannon Sharpe Opens Up About Being A Cancer Survivor

WBLS Staff
09/20/2022 12:00 AM EDT
NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe shockingly revealed that he is a survivor of Prostate Cancer. During the latest episode of Fox NFL Sunday, Sharpe said that he survived due to early detection. “I am cancer-free right now. I feel so good.” He went on to discuss that his father and other male relatives all passed away at early from cancer, which made him get screened.He also said that Black men are more likely to die from prostate cancer and he had his first screening in 2003 after retiring from the NFL. “What I want to do now is break down the stigma- do not be afraid to go to the doctor. We need to give Black people more access to healthcare, and then once we get better access to healthcare, don’t be afraid to go use it. Do not be afraid to just ask questions of your doctor. Do not be afraid to get screened because it could save your life,” he said while on the air. He added, “Now they mentioned there’s a 96% survival rate if you get screened and it gets detected early. I’m part of that 96%. See, I can speak this. I’m not a paid actor. I lived this. I’ve been there. I can tell you that this could save your life. Saved my life. I’m living proof.” Shannon Sharpe came forward about his diagnosis after he was asked to be a part of a campaign as a way to encourage other men to get screened for prostate cancer.