Shannon Sharpe Speaks Out Since Katt Williams Interview

Shannon Sharpe Speaks Out Since Katt Williams Interview

Krista B.
01/05/2024 12:50 PM EST

Shannon Sharpe shares his point of view since his interview with Katt Williams aired. 

On his podcast NightCap with Gilbert Arenas, the former NFL player said that he had a hard time listening to Williams talk badly about some of his friends. “I had reached out to Katt last year... But in the meantime, I've had Steve Harvey on the pod, I've had Cedric the Entertainer on the pod, I've had Michael Blackson on the pod, [and] Rickey Smiley on the pod," he said. Williams didn’t speak nicely about any of the comedians mentioned on the nearly three hour podcast. 

“Gil, before I asked one question, he went 30 minutes," Sharpe said. "So now, as the interviewer, I'm going in my head, 'Do I cut him off and get to the line of questioning, or do I let him go?' I said, 'God, you in control, take the wheel.' And he went! ... I'm assuming, [that] when someone comes on my show, and they're telling me something that no one else has heard... I'm assuming they're telling me the truth because only said individual was there would know. You're asking me, 'Well, why didn't you correct this?' Hell, I wasn't on the set so I couldn't!" 

Sharpe continued the conversation by saying that he didn’t want to pick a side during the interview with Williams and says that he’s still cool with the comedians that were named by the comedian. "I'm cool with Steve Harvey, I'm cool with Rickey Smiley," he said. "I'm cool with Cedric the Entertainer. I'm cool with Kevin Hart. I know Michael Blackson a little bit, but I don't have his number. ... So I have a personal relationship, I'm not saying we boys, but we have a friendly relationship. We cool. So my thing is like, that's the hardest part. Because he's saying things about people, and I'm like, 'Man.' The best thing for me is just to be Switzerland, stay neutral, ask the questions, and then I'm gonna let the viewing audience take their side."

Shannon Sharpe also talked about the comedians that already responded to Williams’ verbal jabs as well as addressed the comments that the interview was influenced by the alcohol they were drinking. 

"I just hope, and from the looks of it fans have really liked it... My goal is always the same, Gil, I try to do the best content I possibly can, I try to get people that I believe [are] people that subscribe, listen, view, watch, download Club Shay Shay," he said. "And for the most part, I can get one or two stories that they haven't told, or they haven't told in a long time. And if they have told, people don't remember. And so what Katt did, I mean he did me a solid 'cause, you know, I didn't think I was going to be able to get him as soon as I did."