Sherri Shepard Opens Up About Hard Life + Paying Child Support To Two Baby Daddies

September 12, 2019

Photo Credit: Jason Kempin


Whewwww…Sherri Shepard is going through it!


Shepard took to social media to get a few things off of her chest in reference to raising her teenage son on her own, paying child support, and staying employed.


Shepard and her ex-husband Lamar Sally ended their relationship with a messy divorce back in 2014, nonetheless, Shepard is doing her best to stay afloat.


Take a look at her post below:


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So much transition in my life I feel like my head is spinning… everything seems a little off… a lot of no’s being thrown my way… being told I am a “tough sell”… raising my very moody teenage son by myself… (if you see his dad tell him his son’s mother needs a little help)… child support payments to two baby daddies… gotta stay employed bc if I don’t the entire house of cards will collapse… family far away… needed by many and only able to help a few… always hustling… I never stop grinding… always making you laugh but sometimes behind the smile… holding onto the promises of #jesus for dear life… taking my pain and making it funny at a comedy club… so thankful for friends that are holding me down bc at this moment I am careening. If you had told me last year that working out would help my mind, I would’ve laughed hysterically – but it’s true… working out takes me to a peaceful place. But even in the midst of uncertainty I know that God is in control. Just have to breathe … mood… #tired #singlemommingsucks #jesustakethewheel and even in the midst of this mental mind depression, I’ll get a hundred requests for someone wanting to do graphics and my next animation artwork & cartoon illustrations