Simone Biles Puts An End To The Pregnancy Rumors

Simone Biles Puts An End To The Pregnancy Rumors

Krista B.
12/15/2023 02:19 PM EST

Simone Biles wants the pregnancy rumors to stop.

The rumors began to circulate on the internet after the 26-year-old posted a photo of herself at her husband, Jonathan Owens’ recent football game. In the photo, she is wearing an all-brown outfit with an oversized camouflage jacket.

Fans began to speculate if the gymnast was pregnant because her stomach appeared to be rounded. Biles responded to the rumors in a now-deleted IG Story post and said, “I hate that I even have to address this, but please stop commenting on this photo or my Instagram in general about me being ‘pregnant’ I’m not pregnant.”

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Biles attended the game to support her husband, who was traded to the Green Bay Packers shortly after the two got married back in April.