Singer Sparkle, R.Kelly’s Ex-Mentee Speaks Out After His Guilty Verdict

September 29, 2021

After the verdict in R.Kelly’s trial turned out to be guilty, many people began to share their thoughts and opinions on the decision. 

Drea Kelly, the disgraced singer’s ex-wife, conducted an interview with Good Morning Britain, where expressed her concerns for the victims. 

Another person who is speaking out is Sparkle. The singer, who used to be Kelly’s mentee, shared her thoughts on the guilty verdict. 

“I didn’t think I would be emotional. But I am. It’s just been a long time for me, dealing with this. On the one hand, I think I’m a little sad because Robert was my ex-mentor and what he did was just a punch to my chest. And I’m also relieved. Thank God they got it right this time,” Sparkle said in a recent interview.

She continued, “At the first trial, nobody believed me. I hope all the girls, boys, and women affected by him are also breathing a sigh of relief. There’s finally some justice, though we have to wait and see what the sentence is. I was the Lone Ranger at first, and now I have my riders behind me.” 

Sparkle also recalled that hearing the details from Kelly’s victims was really hard for her. 

R.Kelly was found guilty of all nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering. His sentencing date is set for May 4th, 2022.