Snoop Dogg Recalls Upsetting Michael Jackson By Blowing Smoke In His Face

Snoop Dogg Recalls Upsetting Michael Jackson By Blowing Smoke In His Face

WBLS Staff
01/26/2024 12:37 PM EST

Snoop Dogg recently reminisced about a moment that left the late Michael Jackson less than thrilled during an interview with SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live.

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The West Coast emcee shared a story about a time when he unintentionally upset the King of Pop during a joint performance for designer Christian Audigier's fashion show.

"Me and Mike was family," Snoop recalled. "His family and my family love each other. We have a record that never came out together. We never had issues... Only issue me and Mike had was we were at Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier. He had an event in Vegas where they have all the clothes and all of that, so he had performers."

The rapper explained how a logistical oversight led to an awkward encounter between the two iconic musicians.

"He had Michael Jackson perform, Snoop Dogg perform, but where he messed up, he put Michael Jackson’s dressing room right next to Snoop Dogg, so Snoop Dogg is there doing this," Snoop said, mimicking smoking weed. "Mm-hmm, and they like, 'You know, Michael Jackson’s dressing room is next door.' I’m like, ‘No it ain’t.’ They like, ‘Yeah, [right] there,’ so I’m like, ‘Hold on.’ Open the door." 

Snoop continued, recounting the moment he blew weed smoke into Michael Jackson's dressing room.

"He’s right there looking at me. He said, ‘Snoop, don’t do that,'" Snoop impersonated MJ’s voice.

In another part of the interview, Snoop Dogg discussed the unreleased song he recorded with Michael Jackson.

"I gotta find out. It’s a record that was done for some sort of, you know, he did records for the world. It was like some peaceful, a whole lot of artists on it record," he explained.

"He called me one night, and it was crazy because the way his voice came through the phone, he was like, ‘Snoop, it’s Mike. I have this song I want you to get on.’ I’m like, ‘Man, anything you want, Mike. It ain’t no problem. Talk to me.’ Then, after we got past the song, he was like, ‘My mom always said that you look like someone in my family. I think we’re related.'"

Snoop Dogg concluded the interview expressing his curiosity about the lost song, saying, "I kind of want to hear it [the lost song]."