Sources Say Wendy Williams ‘In No Condition to Make TV Return,’ Staff Wants Nick Cannon as Permanent Replacement

02/09/2019 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: Getty Images

New reports claim that daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams may not be returning to work just yet. Wendy has been on a hiatus for the last few weeks after suffering a shoulder injury following the scandal involving her husband fathering another child outside of their marriage.

Folks are speculating that this is the real reason Wendy is on a leave of absence. Now sources are saying she is worried about the future of The Wendy Williams Show. With Nick Cannon filling in earlier this week, she is worried that her fans may not miss her. One source revealed:

“She’s super scared and anxious. Watching Nick Cannon being a huge hit with her audience is tough for her. They’re already starting to mess with the format. It’s like watching them screw around with her baby.”

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The source also adds:

“She’s in no state to get back on TV anytime soon.”

Daily Mail notes that her staff is demanding that she is replaced by Nick Cannon.

“I mean it’s probably time Wendy steps away from the show. She’s not authentic anymore. How can she discuss hot topics when the biggest topic involves her husband publicly cheating on her for years,” one member of the production team told Daily Mail.

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.