Steph Curry Defends Ayesha Curry's Comments About Wanting 'Male Attention' [PHOTO]

05/11/2019 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: Steve Jennings/Getty Images

While much of social media is dragging Ayesha Curry for her recent comments about wanting “male attention” (to know she’s still got it), NBA MVP Steph Curry is coming to his wife’s defense and supports her for being so open with her feelings on a public platform.

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When the #Curry ladies stopped by #RedTableTalk they got into some thangs. They talked anxiety, marriage, how to handle groupies and #AyeshaCurry opened up about how she feels insecure about the lack of male attention she’s gotten over the past ten years. ______ What do you guys think is it normal to want to still be desired or do you think the only attention you should be seeking is from your spouse?