Steph Curry + Steve Kerr React To Michael Jordan’s Hall Of Fame Comment!

10/24/2019 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Internet has been buzzing over Michael Jordan’s comments regarding Steph Curry and his opinion on Curry not being a Hall of Famer just yet….

While some are calling MJ a seasoned hater, others believe the NBA legend is stating facts…

Steph Curry actually chimed in, and joined the conversation saying: “I think I’m good, but then I’m never complacent…I know I have more to prove to myself. When you hear a guy like that who’s the greatest of all time, it’s kind of funny. Since we’ve been on this stage, we’ve heard a lot of retired guys chiming in on this generation of basketball player and evaluating talent and saying their generation was better and all that. It’s a great conversation for the fans to get in on. I know I’m in good shape for that, but I still have a lot to prove to myself.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr believes MJ has his own version of the ‘Hall of Fame,’ take a look below: