Swizz Beatz Reveals He Has Big Names And New Plans For VERZUZ

February 17, 2023 - Krista B.
Celebrity swizz beatz VERZUZ
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Swizz Beatz has plans to bring back Verzuz with a new infrastructure. 

During a recent interview, Swizz said that fans will notice a few changes but can expect some big name celebrities gracing the stage. 

“We’ve been changing the infrastructures because when we started, it happened in the garage and then moved to a significant platform,” the music producer said. “Now, we changed the whole way we’re moving but not entirely, so people won’t feel like it’s not the same.”

Swizz Beatz went on to say, “We have a fantastic lineup with people they wanted to see and even battles they think wouldn’t happen. Announcements will be coming soon.” 

If you remember, VERZUZ was created during the height of the pandemic, when everyone was forced to be in the house and can’t go outside. It was a way to stay virtually connected while jamming to your favorite songs by your favorite artists. 

When Verzuz comes back, which artists do you hope to see participate in the hit-for-hit battle?