Swizz Beatz’s Ex-Wife Mashonda Revealed That it Took SIX Years For Her to ‘Be Cool’ w/ Alicia Keys [PHOTOS]

October 12, 2018

Photo credit – Johnny Nunez/WireImage/GettyImages

Mashonda Tifrere, Alicia Keys, and Swizz Beatz are living testimonies that co-parenting is possible, even if it takes time.


Nearly a decade ago, Mashonda couldn’t even imagine being friends with Alicia Keys who was dating her husband Swizz Beatz at the time. Although Mashonda and Swizz filed for a divorce, initially, according to his “estranged wife,” it wasn’t an unhappy home. She blamed the “You Don’t Know My Name” singer on breaking up her family and took to Twitter to express her frustrations. 


In the 9-year-old Twitter post, she also made it clear to Alicia Keys that she wasn’t “going anywhere” for the sake of their now 11-year-old son. The only way the co-parenting would work is if she put her pride to the side, even if it took six years reported on Madame Noire.


In the article Mashonda said, “I had to set my ego straight.” She wanted her son to have a father in his life and knew that she would have to sacrifice her own personal feelings in order for their blended family to work. Mashonda talks about how she was able to overcome being okay with her former husband giving up on their marriage and starting a new one in her book, Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family










The two mothers even call each other sis and are supportive of each other. If you can relate to this type of situation, could you ever picture yourself making peace like this?